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Who are the masterminds behind Degens?

We wouldn’t talk so loud if we weren’t confident in our team’s skills. We work around the clock to ensure we carry out our vision, mission, and goals.

Urkann - Founder, CEO

Multi-entrepreneur, and NFT sweeping legend, Urkann has managed multimillion Euro portfolios and successful Switzerland-based businesses. Urkann is also the Co-Founder of NFT Factory. He has been a blockchain enthusiast ever since 2012. His commitment to the Solana NFT ecosystem is second to none, and his goal with Degens is to elevate the entire space.

Ryuk - CTO

Artificial intelligence engineer and data science researcher, the founder of Ryuk Labs with over seven years of experience in the automation & programming industry. He has served over 120+ happy clients in the web3 space.
His role at Degens is vital to its growth. He focuses on project advisory to ensure that the developments of our high-end tech projects are being developed and delivered promptly.

Resist - Artist

A self-taught artist and industry veteran, his eye-catching and high-quality art has never failed to amuse anyone who sees it, whether it is web2 or web3 folks.

Zaabi - CMO

Zaabi has been a web entrepreneur for over ten years. He specializes in digital marketing and supports many web3 projects with communication campaigns.
He has invested more than two years in NFTs on the Solana and Ethereum blockchains. His market experience and network are a great asset to growing the Degens project.

Vincent - Head of Degen TV

Crypto & NFT YouTuber and founder of 'Cryptolution,' an educational and informative channel for web3 enthusiasts. In collaboration with Degens, Degen TV strives to bring the best news within its community and beyond.
With over five years of experience as an investor & entrepreneur during the age of blockchain innovation and 12+ years in the entertainment industry, Vincent strives to provide value to the Solana and Ethereum ecosystem.