Degens Whitepaper
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NFT Collection


The heart and soul of the Degens’ ecosystem, 10,000 complex & high- quality NFTs curated to perfection and bound to change the Solana community.
The Degens NFT is much more than just art & utility; it serves as a token to be a part of something vastly more extensive than just an NFT community on Discord, which frankly is the problem we have seen with the majority of NFT collections.
Our primary objective has been to create value for anyone who wishes to be a part of the Degens’ ecosystem. We have fought tooth and nail to defend our mission since its inception. We will continue to do so regardless of the circumstances or obstacles. We are warriors.

The Initial Mint

During our initial seed round, we sold a total of [1,968] NFTs. Post the hack (detailed explanation given later). We airdropped all the original tokens and one additional token to each wallet, bringing up the total circulating supply of the Degens NFTs to [3,396].
As we have mentioned previously, the total supply of our collection is 10,000 NFTs. Hence, the remaining supply will also be available for mint in an upcoming phase. This phase will be the New Beginnings drop.

Guardians Of Agora

Guardians of Agora is a side collection. An essential pillar of the Degens eco-system nonetheless. Guardians of Agora will consist roughly of [1312 NFTs] and will be airdropped to our believers as a token of appreciation.
Note Each guardian will have substantial utility later on when our marketplace, Agora, is released.
For each [3] Degen NFTs held, [1] Guardian of Agora will be airdropped to the believers of the Degens vision.