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Degens Utility

Degens Fashion

More than just merch, our very own clothing line. High quality meets modern design with every piece of apparel from our collection. Tailored by our unique art for our community to represent the Degens wherever they go. Each piece is made from the finest material that we can get our hands on.
Our aim with degen fashion is to create an OOH (out of home) marketing model around our NFTs and brand. If someone sees a member of our community repping one of our many pieces of fantastic merch, their interest is meant to be instantly caught, and if they don't know what the Degens are yet, they will be more than curious to know.

Degen City

Our first step into the metaverse, we have already purchased a 24x24 piece of land in the sandbox metaverse to degen city on it. This piece of land was purchased before our mint and out of our own pockets to prove that Degen city would happen regardless of how our mint would've gone at the time.
Degen city will be our custom metaverse, a land of opportunities and a city like no other. We aim to build a metaverse that will bring web3 enthusiasts together from all different backgrounds. Builders, artists, developers, Etc., and to empower these web3 enthusiasts to the best of our ability.
What we are planning is so much more than just a metaverse. Because we genuinely are tired of hearing the same thing repeatedly, "we will build a metaverse. We will make our unique metaverse" meanwhile, in reality, all these promises turn out to be outsourced cheap vox models placed into a piece of sandbox land.
Degen city will be the first of its kind, carry our branding, and be a unique experience for anyone who visits it. We are planning on hiring an entire in-house team to perfect the execution and building process of degen city.

Degen Comic

No other industry moves as fast as the web3 and NFT space. Many NFT enthusiasts have a big issue in their inability to keep up with what is happening in the NFT space. This is an issue that we see and are sure we can solve.
Our solution makes NFT space events available at a more accessible scale for a larger audience and keeps them both entertaining and exciting.
What is this solution that we are talking about? Well, it’s Degen Comic, a comic made by our in-house artists covering weekly and daily events in the NFT space. Degen comic will provide insights, information, and entertainment for the NFT community while aiding the Degens brand to plant a more substantial brand presence in the NFT space.
We believe that a stand-alone and unbiased comic series could quickly provide entertainment to the whole NFT community, be a reliable news outlet and aid our overall brand presence across the entirety of the NFT space.


"No floors are safe" is one of our favorite mantras, and having our founder Urkann being known for Urkanning, it only makes perfect sense for us to scale Urkanning into a more extensive operation.
Urkanning will allow us to have an even more significant impact on the NFT space. Our plan with Urkanning is simple. We first take a percentage of trading royalties from our collection's transactions. We use said percentage to sweep the floor of other NFT collections. Lastly, we reward our community by airdropping the said swept NFTs.
By doing this, we are killing three birds with a single stone. First, we are supporting other communities and collections. Meanwhile, we are strengthening the connection between our community and other communities through exposure. But most importantly, we are actively rewarding our holders as well.
Additionally, another benefit of holding a Degens NFT is the marketplace fee reduction. Each NFT type held (male/female) will reduce a certain fee percentage. For example: Male -> x% reduced, Female -> x% reduced.