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Degen Launchpad


Even though this might sound like a broken record, empowering the NFT community is truly one of our main objectives. One of the other gaps we see in the NFT space is the lack of proper support systems for upcoming collections. That is precisely why we propose Degen Launchpad.
A multichain NFT and token launchpad, our launchpad is a core system integrated with our forthcoming marketplace. This launchpad will be equipped with all the tools necessary for project founders to have an easier time launching their projects.
Degen Launchpad will also empower our pre-existing community in the sense that we will shape it into becoming a middle ground between our community and upcoming NFT collections. This benefits our community in being the first set of eyes to fall on new projects and aiding new projects with a pre-existing robust community ready to support them.
NFT collections aren’t the only thing we will support on our launchpad. We will provide support and opportunities to further enable the space by giving upcoming token launches a fair shot at using our launchpad as well.
We understand that with great power comes great responsibility. Hence, we will hire an entire audit team to audit upcoming projects on all fronts to ensure only the highest quality projects on Degen Launchpad.
Another great future we will implement into our launchpad is an escrow system to prevent rugs and teams from running away with funds. This mechanism will gradually release mint funds relative to milestones achieved by the team(s), parallel to their promised roadmap.
Lastly, our community will have another upper hand in terms of benefits from Degen Launchpad. These benefits will vary, from the ability to redeem our utility token, $Degen for whitelist spots, or even the ability to mint upcoming projects using $Degen.

Degen Launchpad Features

Now that we have covered most of our vision with Degen Launchpad, let's discuss some of the tools we will use to aid projects and project founders for their mints.
  • Escrow System,
  • Discord Role Validation Tool,
  • Wallet Address Collection Tool,
  • Twitter Following Validation Tool,
  • NFT Minting and Smart Contract,
  • Milestone and Roadmap Systems.